Everyone is a winner!
Just for taking part in the competition you will automatically receive 10% off your first block booking even if you don't get that winning number... "It's taking part that counts".
Enter our fantastic competition for ONLY £14.99 to be in for a chance of winning some huge prizes. With only 20 tickets going on sale and an amazing chance of winning, you would be seriously losing out if you didn't get involved!

1st Prize
 - 10 Hour Block Booking, free theory training package included. Worth £250!

Runners up:
If you enter and don’t win... everyone receives 10% off of all block bookings.

How it works:
You can purchase a ticket for £14.99, once we receive a confirmation of your purchase you can choose a number between 1-20 (An updated list of numbers will be posted daily on our facebook page). Once all of the 20 tickets have been sold we will give you the draw date. The draw will only take place once all 20 numbers have been sold. The draw will be live on facebook (Pass it! Driving Academy's facebook page) using a google generator tool to choose the winner.
If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesistate to contact us on 01206 653 312 or email us at: info@passitcolchester.co.uk
Terms and conditions...

There will be a maximum number of 3 tickets per person.
Only people that live in Colchester and surrounding areas can participate in the draw. If you live outside of this area and you purchase a ticket you will be refunded. However, 2% will be taken off to cover any administration costs. 
(This will be the same terms for anyone that purchases more than 3 tickets or cancels there purchase before the draw takes place). You will not be able to cancel your order or get a refund once we sell all of the 20 tickets.

Everyone that participates in the draw but does NOT win, will receive 10% off their first block booking. (Once you have used this offer for your first block booking, lessons will return to the normal price).

You must pick a number between 1-20, we will update our facebook daily with the numbers left to choose.
The draw will take place once all of the 20 tickets are sold. It will be live on the Pass it! Driving Academy Facebook page and we will ensure that it is a fair draw for everyone by using a google number generator. We will notify everyone when the draw will be taking place, giving a minimum of 24 hours notice.

You can not exchange your prize for any cash value, you can use or give the driving lessons to whoever you wish. As long as we are made aware in advance. (Lesson prices will be normal price once the prize is redeemed).

You will have exactly 12 months to use the driving lessons from the date of the draw.

If you are one of the three lucky winners, the start date for the lessons will be around August / September. However this will be determined on the pupils and driving instructors availability.

You must be 17 years old to enter this competition. Tickets can be purchased for yourself or another person can enter the competition on your behalf. 

The theory test training package can be redeemed and started within 48 hours of winning the prize. 

Competition Time!


    We promise...

    Pass It! Driving Academy take your privacy very seriously, and adhere to UK marketing legislation and ICO regulations at all times. We will only use the details you supply to contact you at your request to discuss driving tuition. We will NEVER use your contact details for ANY other reason.


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